FR: Show Chordpro tabs


Would be easy if the notes could reflect Chordpro sheets


My 2ct: Most musicians I know work with PDFs. Sadly cantabile doesn’t support this. This would be great feature which would help a lot and many many people. :slight_smile:


You can import img files made from the PDF, but still, the notes function needs to be improved, it’s a very important function that I use on every rehearsal.
I keep on saying this.


You are right. The notes are one thing that really will benefit from some improvements. Let’s see what Brad says.


I think I’ve already posted this, but LivePrompter ( - free!) works with the ChordPro format. It is pretty easy to link LivePrompter and Cantabile so that LivePrompter always displays the correct song for your Cantabile file (or vice versa). Both can run on the same machine (connected via virtual MIDI ports), with LivePrompter’s window sitting on top of Cantabile, covering the notes screen space.

Works nicely, with the addition of timed automatic scrolling.

No PDF, unfortunately.