FR option to dock all plugins in live mode

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Hi @brad,

Been playing with the cool docked plugin feature. More generally, one thing I find annoying is when you don’t close plugin windows when editing a rack, and you do a gig and you have to move or close those windows. So could we do something like automatically dock or close all plugin windows in live mode (via an option)?

Thanks, John

Hi John,

Let me think about this, but in the meantime Shift+F4 (or View menu -> Close All Popups) will close all open popups. Does that help?


Hi Brad,

I didn’t realise that plugin windows counted as “popups” :slight_smile: I’ve added an onload in my background rack to trigger that UI command. Seems to be working well so far. I guess there may be some value in my original request though.


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There always seems a way in Cantabile :slight_smile:

That is a great idea.