FR: Link VSTs so that all parameter changes are reflected in all instances

This feature request is all to do with the voice allocator MIDI filter.
Voice allocator works brilliantly but when you edit one of the instances all the others have to be edited too. For me that’s often 3 or 4 instances as I spread across cpu cores.
Wouldn’t it be super cool to link or group instances of a plugin together so that changing any VST parameter in one of the group automagically changes the others?

You should be able to do that with bindings using the same parameter in the first plugin as source and in the second as destination, same with second to third and so on.

Would be a lot of repetitive plumbing, though. But not sure if it’s worth an internal Cantabile feature automating this for this relatively niche usage scenario…

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Yeah, it’s pretty niche and probably a pain to impliment.
On top of that I’m sure plenty of parameter changes, such as loading a waveform or envelope tweaking wouldn’t be availabe to reflect.
I guess one way to reduce the work of keeping all the ‘voices’ in sync is to copy and paste the program with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V after edits.
That works nicely for Vital.

If you want them identical you may be able to use symlinks, there are some posts about it in the forum, let me know if you can’t find them.