FR: detect MCU/HUI commands

@brad : how hard would it be to detect MCU commands and make those bindable? My Arturia Keylab MKII does not send MMC messages for the transport buttons … would be nice to get those detected. Or is there a way around this?

Hey Tom, If I am understanding this then my experience is that Mackie Control uses MIDI notes on channel 1. I would try these MIDI notes to see if they control the transport for you. This chart is from the Mackie MCU manual … not sure if this will do it but worth a look.


@dave_dore I simply see NO midi coming in when I hit the transport buttons … :frowning:

Oh! Sorry, I understand now …

Have you seen this blog? Looks like it might help …

@dave_dore I did see it - but for some reason or another I cannot see anything coming from the controller when I hit the transport buttons… will experiment some more tomorrow.

I recently got the Keylab MkII 61, and experienced the very same frustration, at least when I tried to create Bindings to handle these MMC messages in Background Rack. It took 2 days of experimentation before it finally worked. Unfortunately, I’m not near my keyboard, but if I remember correctly, the solution had to do with going into Arturia’s MIDI Control Center app, Device Settings, and making sure that the transport buttons are sending MMC. (I don’t think the other settings like HUI worked.)

If I get a chance I will connect to my Keylab to confirm. But I did end up making it work for 5 of the 6 transport buttons. It just wasn’t as easy as it should have been. (I’m blaming Arturia, not Brad, for that!)

EDIT: By the way, MIDI Monitor helped a lot, and I could see the MMC messages, but not in the Background Rack – only by looking at the MIDI Input Port.

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@Roland_Robertson Thx! I’ll play with that tomorrow!

Since you got the Keylab MKII - do you have issues with velocity? As in sensitivity of black keys being higher than white keys?

No issues with the black key velocity sensitivity. I have had issues with that on cheaper unweighted or semi-weighted keyboards but I really like the Keylab mkii’s feel and response. (But note that I have another board M-Audio Hammer 88 for piano and similar parts as I can’t justify paying the price of other 88-key controllers)