Forte switching to Catabile

I’ve been using Forte for a year or two and I cannot stop it crashing. I’m thinking of trying Cantabile but I’m horrified at how much work I have ahead of me setting up a new platform. I wad wondering if there is an easy way to import Forte files into Cantabile?

I can almost guarantee that you will get all the support needed to get you up and running.
This is one of the best support forums I’ve ever come across - it’s in the interest of every Cantabile user to pave the way for new users.
You’ll certainly need to invest some time but you may be surprised at how fast and efficient Cantabile’s interface is, once you grab a couple of basic concepts.
One thing to note; crashing plugins will crash most hosts.


I don’t think you can import Forte files. @brad would know for sure

Cantabile can’t import Forte files but it’s something I’ve been meaning to look into for a while. Right now, unfortunately not. In the future - possibly, will spend some time today investigating.

I will second what Ade stated. The support here is terrific. Also, I have emailed support (Brad) several times and he has replied very quickly with answers to my questions. Top Shelf Service!

Oh, and also the software is rock-solid.


Thanks for all the replies so far. Does anyone here run Real Guitar in Cantabile? That’s the one for me that is causing Forte to crash. I decided to start from scratch and rebuild Windows and just install Forte and Real Guitar. I have over 200 songs and got to #13 and Forte came up with the “Forte has stopped working” message I’ve been getting so often. So if there is a Real Guitar user here, could you please respond.

Which version of Real Guitar do you have? I might have an older (test before buy) one that I could test.
Alternatively I could highly recommend this one (it’s free!):

Quick follow up: I spent some time looking into how hard it would be to open Forte files in Cantabile. It could be done (mostly) but the biggest problem is the same problem of upgrading from Cantabile 2 in that Cantabile 3 provides better ways of doing things (ie: shared racks) and you’ll probably end up wanting to refactor everything anyway.

So… I’m a little reluctant to spend too much time working on a solution that will move you over quickly - but not in a way that really gets you setup for the best experience.

I’m still thinking about it though…

Does Cantabile have a performance mode? Forte allows a full screen pic that that can represent the artist or song. Very good to see what song you have loaded from a distance

Performance mode is indicated by the green spotlight in the upper right hand corner. For the most part, the performance mode is what I run throughout every gig. Below is an example of a start page for every song:

And, this is the next page, or “state”, which is the beginning lyrics:

I use states in the performance mode to remind me of Keys, keyboard setup, lyrics, and instrument or patch changes. Also when it’s time to finish my last beer !!

The performance mode is very flexible, so you can setup it up many ways.

Hope this helps