Forte scenes import

Hello. I am new here but have asked this question previously. Can Cantabile import Forte scenes? This has become more relevant recently with the announcement that Forte development is to cease. The online shop has closed. It might ba good time to re look at Forte importing.

Hi Al,

At this time there is legacy Cantabile support, no other 3rd party product import I’m aware of. That’s in @brad 's arena so I defer to him. Thanks for the Forte update. You hate to see any product you have a lot of setups made for be discontinued but at least some products still exist. (but yes, more work to replicate)


Hi @Bigalminal - No promises at this stage, but my primary task this week is to assess how viable this is.

Hi @brad, did you investigate the viability of importing Forte scenes? I’m a longtime forte user trying to decide what my next platform will be. There are three I’ve heard of; one’s not released (and I can’t remember the name off the top of my head), and the other two are Cantabile and Gig Performer. The ability to import my existing rack would definitely weigh HEAVILY in my decision. Thanks!

Hi @thereynolds,

I did look into it, and while something would be possible it wouldn’t be perfect since not everything in Forte maps cleanly into Cantabile and would probably require adding a couple of features to Cantabile just to handle the different way Forte does things - which I’m not keen on doing.

At this stage I’d prefer not provide it than provide something that only half works. Also, I’ve not had many people asking for it - so it might be a lot of work that will only be of use to a few people.


Hi @thereynolds,

i have been a longtime forte user and made the change to cantabile.

Cantabile has a different approach and structure than forte. It is a lot more flexible when it comes to routing and using plugins. You will find yourself doing things different than in forte.

Try to build a few songs, take a look at “linked racks” and “song states”.


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As an ex-Forte user myself I can tell you that the differences between Forte and Cantabile are so vast as for translation to make no sense. Once you have embraced the basic principles of Cantabile you will not spare a second thought for Forte - it really is much greener grass over here!


Another ex-Forte user here. Cantabile is completely different workflow. That is the main challenge converting. Once you’ve done a few songs, throw it away and start again. In the end, life will be better.

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