Footpedal for Keyboard not working with other plugin

The footpedal for my keyboard working with “keyscape”-plugin, but not with “true pianos”-plugin.
What is the problem? And what is the solution? How can i set up a footpedal correctly? Thanks.

Did you check the MIDI Monitor to make sure the pedal is reaching the plug-in that appears not to be working? And are you sure that that plug-in accepts pedal input?

There are no settings I could find in TruePianos for the sustain pedal. I remember reading about someone having a similar issue but can’t find that discussion. I would try a new song and insert the plugin again. You could try deleting the keyboard in MIDI devices and re-add it.

The TruePianos manual shows CC64 is supported for sustain.


I sometimes use the Truepianos Atlantis - it’s easy on the cpu and cuts through enough - the sustain pedal works.