Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (series 1) causing Windows crash

Over the past 3 days, my windows 10 laptop (HP Elitebook 8770w) has crashed twice. On the blue screen of death, this file is referenced: focusriteUSBsroot.sys. Things have been working just fine (for over a year) until this happened. Any thoughts about how I should deal with it? I have the last HP motherboard firmware update (4 years old) and the latest Focusrite driver.

Can you do a system restore to at least get back to where things were working? Then hopefully you can identify what changed. I’d suspect a driver update (like a graphics driver) causing a conflict but it’s hard to say.

I was able to reboot. I installed a graphics driver update after the crash. Maybe that will take care of it. Doesn’t seem intuitive that a GRAPHICS driver would conflict with an AUDIO driver.

They probably don’t directly. I guess it’s some kind of domino effect…

I had all kinds of problems with a laptop because of the graphics driver. It was also an HP. There is a LOT in this new generation of graphics controllers. They even use them for Bitcoin mining because of the significant processing power. They can absolutely affect other parts of the PC or Windows.

no new crashes. Hopefully I did something to prevent them. Who knows?


Maybe the driver update did the trick. Sometimes stuff just glitches and a reboot is all you need. Hopefully you’re in the clear… keep fingers crossed!

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