Focus on the Songs/States bar

In LIVE MODE, how to keep the mouse/cursor focus on the Song or State bar? After I load a song the focus moves on the racks/plugins area so I cannot use keyboard arrows to move between songs or states.


Hi @Mistheria

That’s either a bug or by design (not sure :slight_smile: ) . Logged it.

In the meantime, don’t forget you can use the slash / key to get back there.



Hi @brad thanks for logging it :wink:
Well, it’s a minor issue, I solved differently for now…

Since on stage I cannot access my laptop always by hands, I’m “driving” Cantabile by the wireless foot controller POK ( therefore this loosing focus on the song bar forces me to recall the setlist , but I’ve assigned the hotkeys to a couple pedals to recall it, give the focus on then move inside it…

Thanks !

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Or you could do what I do and set up background rack bindings from your external controller directly to Next/Previous state for Set List and Song States. That way you wouldn’t need to do it “indirectly”, relying on keyboard bindings and focus.



Yeps i even assigned rotary button to go through the list. Just missing the scrolling when dailing, so i watch my Samson screen that shows the number (of the song)


Yes that’s what I do @Neil_Durant thanks!
But if you need to jump some songs you need to access the set-list…

Thanks @So_Godly … I know there are many options , it was just to get straight to the point… :wink:

Although if you use next/previous song state (delayed), you can easily step through many songs without Cantabile loading any of them, and it’ll load the one you finally stop on. Works great, without needing to interact with the setlist.



Thanks @Neil_Durant … this is a good option indeed! I’ll give it a try…