Fl studio plugins for effects

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I just got Cantabile and I just set it up, and I used my Fruity plugins folder (Program Files (x86)/Image-Line/Fl Studio 20/Plugins/Fruity/Effects) for me to use in Cantabile, but when I scan for plugins, I only get 2: Hardcore and Effector. What is so special about them that only they show up? Any help?

I don’t use FL, so I am at a disadvantage. I do know you have to direct Cantabile to the plugin folders. You directed to effects. Are there more plugs in the Program Files (x86)/Image-Line/Fl Studio 20/Plugins? Also, are you using Cantabile X86 or 64?

The effects folder is for all the mixer effects, and there are like a hundred of them, yet only 2 of them showing up. I am using Cantabile x64 and my windows are x64. The other plugins folder called Generators in the Plugins folder is where all your oscillators and pianos and guitars are, so not very relevant to me

Your FL folder indicates X86. Are those plugs X86?

I used the x86 folder cause there is no image line folder in the x64 one, So i will need to check that out

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Are you sure the plugins you don’t see are VSTs? I guess Cantabile can’t use legacy FL plugin format

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Paolo is correct. I found this:

While we support VST plugins in FL Studio, we also develop plugins under our own ’ native ’ FL Studio format that gives us maximum flexibility to unlock host-plugin interactions, performance and stability. The flipside is that these plugins are not compatible with other hosts.

  1. FL plugin -> only works in FL Studio
  2. VST plugin -> works in all VST host programs.
  3. AU plugin -> works on Mac OS X.
  4. Stand Alone -> the plugin runs inside a self-contained host-wrapper.

Cantabile can’t run them.

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Not a design flaw. VST is a huge standard.

In other words, “bring your VSTs, but we won’t share our plugs with anyone else”.

I wonder…would these load in Blue Cat? :thinking:

Who’s Steinberg? What is ProTools? Is there some Logic in Apple?
And most important question, who the hell is Blue Cat? :open_mouth: :roll_eyes:
I only had a brown dog.