Fixed Settings in dialog box?


is there any way to fix the personally settings in the dialog box "edit show note"
because i want other settings as preset.


Hi @Juergen,

Not sure I’m following the question exactly, but it sounds like you want to change the default settings for newly added show notes. This currently isn’t support but what you can do is create one the way you want it and then use copy/paste to create duplicates.

Anyone else think they’d find this handy?


Hi @brad @Juergen ,

After thinking about it I think it would be useful to have a cumulative text clipboard that kept track of the notes entries. Then if you wanted to paste a commonly used preset note you could select from a drop-down list. We could even have common preset notes included in the clipboard system that could act as starting points for more explicit messages. If it doesn’t bloat the program it would be something I would use.


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