Fixed rack for a full concert

Ehi guys…
Trying to design a good setup for my next concert.
10 days from now.
I have a working setup with C3 and all plugins that I am using for rehearsals. Everything ok.

On the stage I have space and I am thinking to use a special controller for organ sounds.
It is a Viscount Legend. Very nice two manuals Hammond clone.
But I currently prefer sound coming from IK Hammond 3BX because of Leslie and cab simulations.
Idea is the following: use Viscount as MIDI controller for IK VST.

Since I would use this thing for many songs, and since I don’t need Viscount for anything else than organ sounds, may I put this rack inside Background Rack?
May I send program changes to that object?
This way I can manage setlist management without managing the organ management which is already fixed.

I am asking because you guys are faster and better than any manual!

Hi Furio,

You can but bear in mind the Background rack does not allow linked racks. You have to load the rack as an embedded rack. You could just as easily just load the B3-X plugin in the BG rack without the embedded organ rack, the rack just adds complexity.

Also you would need to use a loopback port to send the PG change from the song load binding to the background rack binding that then would perform the PG Change.

B3X plugin routing in BG rack

B3X BG rack binding for PG change of C3 preset

or B3X BG rack binding for PG change of IK B3X preset

Song level binding to do PG change using loopback through the onscreen keyboard MIDI port

If you choose to use an embedded rack the principles are the same but let me know if you get hung up …



Thanks a lot @dave_dore !!!

I will use a simple plug-in, there is nothing more to be added to IK B3X.
Loopback was a not clear feature but now I got it
Simple program change at song load is exactly what I need.
It will be hard to put everything under test at home, but I will try.
Now I think to use for that concert:

  • Asus notebook (C3 and some VSTs, Kontakt, Pigments, IK B3X, Synthmaster, Arturia Mellotron)
  • Yamaha Montage7 (piano and some strings playing, audio engine)
  • Arturia Keylab 61 mkII (synth and brass playing)
  • Viscount Legend (organ playing)
  • Behringer FCB1010 to change songs and drive two volume pedals, Leslie speed, sustain

Everything is now available at home, in some boxes and not visible, but assembling the monster in the kitchen is pure madness.
Without Cantabile it would not be possible only to think at that result!

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