First live outing with Cantabile! Complete success!

Just thought I would share my first experience with Cantabile 3 Performer live!

Used it for the first time at a wedding last night and it worked flawlessly!! I am so, so pleased!! I haven’t completed setting up all of our songs yet, but for those I have done so far it was such a joy to use compared to my previous VST host!

My setup uses a 13 inch Android tablet running MobileSheets Pro for my lyrics and cheat sheets. This is my master controller. This in turn is connected via USB to my Korg Krome keyboard and selects the correct patch/combi when you select the song.

The Korg, unfortunately, doesn’t echo the USB midi commands to its midi out port so my work-around is just to move off of and back onto the selected patch. This then sends a patch change message to Cantabile via my audio interface.

I also use a 10 inch Android tablet running TouchOSC, with TouchBridge on the laptop, for controlling gain and mute (Bypass) wirelessly. This worked like a charm! I used to use a Korg Nano Kontroller 2 for the same thing, but I always found its USB connection to be a bit flakey, regularly disconnecting during the course of the night. I’m very new to TouchOSC and so still have to figure out its capabilities as well as its long term reliability, but after last nights gig I am very optimistic!

I’ve still a lot to learn about the capabilities of Cantabile and what other features are just waiting to be discovered, but this is possibly the best software decision I have made in very, very long time! Couple that to the support it has via this community, both from its developer and the many other active users and you have an exceptional product!!

Thanks, @brad!