First gig with Cantabile 3

Had my first gig using Cantabile 3 (Build 3104) last weekend. I came from a complex setup, using two keyboards, plus separate expander for organ sounds with external Leslie simulator, a virtual guitar amp (POD HD 500), plus a VoiceLive 2 voice processor - which, as you can imagine, takes quite a bit of time setting up (not to mention transporting it back and forth).

My ambition using Cantabile 3 was to dramatically simplify my setup: just one 88 key masterkeyboard, a guitar plus a laptop with an audio interface (RME Babyface). In addition, I’ve kept the VoiceLive as a separate hardware unit (it’s small enough, and there isn’t a credible software solution that I am sufficiently comfortable with for live usage).

I pre-configured all my songs (24 for this gig) in Cantabile, setting up a set list for 2 sets plus encores, with multiple song states for each of the songs. In most songs I play keys and sing lead, sometimes I also play guitar (through S-Gear in Cantabile). I control the VoiceLive settings via triggers in Cantabile, so I can seamlessly switch voice settings (lead to backing, solo to choir) even within songs, in sync with keyboard sound changes for verse, chorus, etc., using just one big red button on my master keyboard (next song state, instant). Also, vocal delay times are set at the beginning of songs with a short “play & stop” command to send midi time code.

In addition to reducing the stuff I need to shlep around, this also enables me to concentrate much more on my playing and singing - far less focus on controlling all my equipment. Everything is arranged ready-to-play with the press of one button, no more need to fiddle with setting up the individual pieces of my setup. Yes, I do need a bit more time for setting things up in advance, but that’s when I have the time to do it, in peace and quiet in my studio.

Even though Build 3104 was an “experimental build”, everything worked super-smoothly, no hiccups, no drop-outs. A great experience!!

Now there are just two more little things that I need from Cantabile to make my live experience complete:

  • a “live mode” display that makes things still easier to see and read
  • a “song state specific plugin view” to pop up my guitar tuner on demand

Judging from this experience, this is definitely my future live setup!

Thanx @brad for an excellent piece of software - keep up the great work!

And I’ll definitely need a version that works until December 19th - that’s our next gig that I’ll absolutely do with Cantabile!



P.S. when I get around to doing it, I’ll document my live setup and post it here - maybe helpful for someone still struggling with how to use all the complex features of C3


Hi Torsten,

Thanks for taking the time to write this up and also for all the great feedback you’ve given on how things should work. The input from yourself and others has been invaluable.

The two points you raise are both on the list to be done soon, and there will be a build that will continue working beyond Dec 19.


Implemented in 3106 - available now.

Hi brad,

great stuff - works like a charm (after some fiddling with the individual rack states of my guitar rack to make sure this setting is saved in all of them)!




Yeah, sometimes updating states can be painful. I’ve been thinking it’d be cool if you could right click on a behaviour in the state behaviours panel and choose “Update All States”. So in your example you could hide the editor, right click on “Editor Visibility” choose update all states and then just show it in the one states you need it.

Hi Brad,

Great idea - this would help a lot, especially in racks with tons of states…