Find missing plugins

This was a bit of an issue with C2 as well.
Especially when one has more than one computer, keeping the location of the plugins can be a logistical challenge.
If a Cantabile cannot find a plugin, it currently flashes red within a rack, but no warning comes up at the time of loading the rack/song.
I would hope that others may also find it useful to receive a warning on load and then an option to navigate to a location where the plugin might be found, updating Cantabile’s plugin directory along the way, and then continuing to load successfully.

This has been alluded to in other threads and at the trello board but only insofar (from what I saw) as users are requesting a list of missing plugins.
I’d like those plugins found. :slight_smile:

Hi @Ade

I’ve logged this on Trello however I’m a little reluctant to introduce something that allows locating a single plugin. The plugin mechanism works best when all plugins are on the plugin path and I’d be a little concerned about the confusion this might add if you browse for a single missing plugin and the path gets updated possibly bringing in many other plugins too.

At least with the way it is, you need to explicitly update your path and you’re fully aware what’s going on.

There’s some other technical difficulties with this (like doing a plugin scan while the song/rack file is partially loaded leaves the whole UI in a fragile state) - but that’s my problem and nothing that can’t be resolved.

I’d like to hear some more thoughts/discussion on this.


I agree, I like the solid clarity of knowing Cantabile will only ever look for plugins on the plugin path listed in Options. For me it makes it easier to be sure I’m backing up everything I need to. I personally just have one VST Plugins folder, and either install plugins directly into there, or copy the DLLs in (carefully - I know a few require special care, and copying of additional associated files etc).

However the “warning on load” if a plugin no longer appears to be there that’s required in a setlist, sounds potentially useful.


Just a mo, lads -
If you’re collaborating with other users and each has a preferred MO for plugin management, you are either left with a broken rack/song or you have to rejig your system.
Which do you think is the preferable solution?

One other little trap is that the VST plugins folder for some DAWs contain plugins which are not compatible with 3rd party software. One is often forced to create alternative 64/32 bit folders to stop the incompatible app from complaining.

Lastly - there’s the issue of double J-Bridging. I have folders which exist purely to accommodate plugins which are hidden from the main app, such as Cantabile, which already has support for jbridge, creating the dreaded double bridge.

This is very much the same scenario when collaborating with others who are using the same sample libraries as you. The libraries reside in a directory structure to the liking of the end user. Inevitably, libraries are ‘not found’ when the project is opened on a collaborator’s system.
Rather than render the song useless, the user is invited to locate the missing samples, proceed with the load and get on with it.

The only ‘solid clarity’ one achieves from the current offering is that the project will not load until the plugin moves.
Offering a ‘locate’ compromises what?


Hi @Ade,

As mentioned, I’ve logged this to be reviewed. Just on the double jBridging this isn’t an issue as Cantabile detects and ignores them.


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