Filters on Midi Monitor

G’day @brad !

It would be very useful for the Midi Monitor, within it’s window, to allow the filtering of different status bytes.
Note On
Note Off
Pitch Bend
etc, etc.
And a ‘clear’ button to reset the contents of the window.


Hi @Ade,

Thanks for this. Logged it.

The monitor window was one of the first things I put into Cantabile and it’s never been revisited - probably long over due for some TLC :slight_smile:


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Speaking of the MIDI monitor, here are some suggestions of mine that I’ve been meaning to post:

  1. Is there any reason why it’s disabled when a rack is selected? I would expect to be able to monitor the rack’s MIDI input at that point, but the monitor is disabled.
  2. When monitoring a MIDI route, I always forget whether the MIDI monitor is showing the input or output. Could this be made clearer in the UI, maybe even adding both options (i.e. two menu items) ?
  3. Context menu for MIDI monitor please!