Files associated with Configurations

I’d need to start using Configurations (now had different systems with different interfaces) and I cannot locate information on how Configurations actually work.

What is the meaning of the name in the /config:“My Config” switch when launching Cantabile? Is it an alternate .json file to settings.json ?? Or maybe all configurations are stored within the settings.json ?? Or maybe there is a completely separate directory for an alternate configuration?

Maybe there are commands somewhere within the Cantabile interface itself for managing configurations? (such as Save Configuration As …)

Once I understand this, I can manage the files as needed …

Thanks for any info!!

Hi Clint,

It means a separate folder with a separate settings file, plugins file, plugins cache file and log file. The folder will be in the same Top Ten root folder as the configuration folder you have now.




Hi Clint –

I asked Brad for help with this a few years ago, so i’ll quote his reply.

The configurations are each stored in a separate folder, typically stored under this folder (unless you’ve moved it):

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Topten Software

eg: this default configuration will be in “Cantabile 3.0 (x64)”. To create a new configuration called say “Alt” you could duplicate that folder and name it “Cantabile 3.0 (x64) (Alt)” and then run Cantabile with the /config:Alt command line arg.


If you start Cantabile with this option, Cantabile will create a new data folder for config data and will start configuring Cantabile as if installing for the first time. The next time you start it with this option, it will use that configuration folder instead of your usual one.

The new folder will have the name of the config appended to its name; you can just copy the files from your initial config folder to the new one and make your changes instead of setting all your audio and midi ports up from scratch…




This is gold!

Not described anywhere in the docs that I have found, and deserves to be in the manual, I’m thinking.

I did have a good experience with the on-line manual set up by Prusa (Czech 3D printer company), where the community could (extensively) discuss/comment on basically any/every paragraph in the “how to build it” manual. Actual changes could then be made by the high priests, but everyone could see the community discussions … it worked well and maybe a system that Cantabile is deserving of (especially with this knowledgeable and sharing community).

Wondering if @brad would consider such an annotatable system for the manual …

Thanks again!

It’s document here: