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Hi guys,

I’m on an i9 7700x @ 3.3 GHz (10 cores - HT Off) and hit around 33% not quite the heights one would expect to hit over a lot of the i7s but does show that it’s not necessariy the number of cores that gives you the performance…

Cheers, and thanks to @Torsten as always.



It seems there are very different experiences, and a few processors to evaluate. I’m about to gather our posts to create a small database. I think I’ll use an Excel sheet, in old .xls format (Office 97-2003). So, it will be compatible with G-docs, OpenOffice and more. Here’s a possible screenshot. Any feedback will be appreciated.
In the meantime, I’d like to see more test like the one @Torsten proposed.


More cores can help. The most important parameter is the frequency. The higher GHz the better.That’s why desktop win on laptop.


That is my desktop… :wink:



At now, yes :thinking:


A great way to understand the performance of a processor is a parameter called “thermal design power” (TDP). Hereby the PC’s typical values:

  • Ultra portable PC (fanless) : 5W
  • Portable PC : 15W
  • Gaming PC and Mobile Workstation : 45W
  • Desktop PC : 65 to 95W
  • Desktop workstation and server : 95 to 250W (and more)

Although the relationship between TDP and performance is not linear, surely the higher TDP the faster PC


Another (@torsten) test. Sorry, the result is really funny, so I posted here.

  • 22.1% average. 27.7 max (i7-7700HQ@2.8GHz) Null Audio/256

Well, it’s a MSI gaming laptop, but I think there is something wrong in this result. Time Load is too low. Using my typical test configuration (sampled piano + convolution reverb) I get 10% average. Same test on my older laptop (4th gen. i7) result is about 16% average. Both these PCs are heavily tweaked, I spent days trying turning windows-services off. The wifi is uninstalled, Antimalware is off, same for firewall, indexing, and lots of other services.
@brad, Windows 10 installed in the gaming pc is version 2004. I tried to set the core parking, I set to 0 the right parameter in right keys, but in the power plan i see Min. speed and Max. speed. After the update, core parking is disappeared. Any hint?


Lenovo Thinkpad T590
I7-8565U @ 1.8 GHz

I have it optimized with “the instructions” plus I kill all of the Lenovo services when I start doing music studio stuff.

I am seeing Time Load values from 37.4% to 43% usually with quick spikes to 50%+.


Here is the Excel file with the data collected so far. It’s shown in a cloud version of Excel, it’s downloadable from “File -> Save As-> Download as copy” (or Download as ODS, that is the native format for OpenOffice & its offspring!)

click here


With your msi laptop you get the best results!
Is it because the processor is named HQ ?


No, I guess there’s somewhat error I can’t understand. 22% is definitely an impossible value. I’ll delete the test from the file.


If anyone wants to test his/her PC, please send me the result (or post here), I’ll update the list.

  • 52% average. 91% peak (Ryzen 5 2500U@2.0GHz) NullAudio/256
    AMD Ryzen 5 2500U is (sadly) a not so efficient processor. It can be compared to a underpowered 7th series mobile Intel i5. 3500U is better, but still lacks of performances. Only the brand new 4xxx models are on same level of a 10th gen intel, sometimes better.