Feedback computer config

PerfTest Results:

  • Dell E5550 (Core i7-5600U @ 2.60GHz) 40% average, 60% max on C3
  • Dell E5550 (Core i7-5600U @ 2.60GHz) 45% average, 80% max on C4

This is another suggestion that perhaps C4 is not as efficient as C3? @brad

Hi David,

I’ll update the performance test result. We made this test in 2020, so it’s Cantabile 3 only.

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Here are my results:

Thinkpad P15V, (Core i7-10875H @ 4,2GHz) 38% average, 40% max.



MSI gaming laptop, i710750H @ 4.5ghz, 31% avg, 50% peak

FYI: I’ve been looking into these performance issues and have a pretty good idea what’s going on. It’s not related to CantabileCore.dll as suggested above and instead related to other changes.

I’m working through it but at this stage not sure how long it’ll be - I’ll either find that I’ve done something really stupid and it’ll be an easy fix, or it’ll be a more prolonged matter of performance profiling, testing and tuning.


Have a slightly updated table, even this thread is 2022.


Here the performance data of my new Mini IT13 from Geekom.


i9-13900H 5,4 GHz max 32GB RAM+2TB SSD

Cantabile Version 4.0 Build 4064 (x64)

An average time load of 19,4 % seems to be pretty fast!

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Hmmmm, this Geekom Mini looks tasty…

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Looks good, what’s DPC latency like?

Did anyone have any input on the DPC latency question - I e. Using latencymon?

Here the result of the DPC latency checker of my Geekom i9-13900H 5,4 GHz max 32GB RAM+2TB SSD without audio optimization except that the power plan was set to maximum performance:


I think that looks very convincing as well.

That looks good! Thanks for sharing. I’ll probably pick up an i9 too.

One issue makes a big difference regarding to the performance of the i9-13900H processor. This is thermal throttling.

It was reported on Youtube that the thermal throttling of the IT13 i9-13900H 5.4 GHz max was due to factory thermal paste ( . Therfore, I replaced the factory themal paste with Conductonaut (liquid metal, Thermal Grizzly).

Previously, some performance cores reached the 100 °C limit relatively quickly and their performance was throttled. With Conductonaut, this behavior can no longer be observed and the core temperatures remain fairly stable around 50 °C in normal operation.

To figure out how effective the cooling through the liquid metal is I performed a stress test with Spectral Layer 10 Pro.Unmixing a song at best quality is very demanding for the processor.


As you can see, the temperature increases from 50 °C to 65 °C, which is still remote to the 100 °C limit of throttling.

Indeed, the exchange of thermal paste with liquid metal makes a big difference for the performance of the IT13 i9-13900H 5.4 GHz max.

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Try Latencymon and let us know. Let the program run for at least 30min in idle PC situation.

Here the result of LatencyMon in idlle PC situation:

Geekom IT13 i9-13900H 5,4 GHz max 32GB RAM + 2TB SSD without audio optimization exept that power plan was set to maximum performance.

This confrims the earlier findings with DPC Latency Checker und audio perfoarmance test.

Hmm, I’m currently evaluating different possibilities:

First I was looking at DeskMini B760 with i5-12600K / 32GB RAM / 2TB SSD = cca 900eur (without software, to build by myself)

but seeing perfromance data from @MLK and his Geekom IT13 with i9-13900H /32GB RAM / 2TB SSD as tested by @MLK = 750eur (without software, prebuilt) I’m not sure anymore…

the DeskMini would have the 65W TDP DESKTOP cpu (base freq 3,3GHz), the Geekom would have a 45W TDP MOBILE cpu with 2,6GHz base freq.

What are your opinions? I’d like to use it for heavier gigging - multiple Kontakt libraries at the same time, Zebra synth, IK B-3X, all layered and/or split in a song.

@MLK may I ask what is boot time from cold start to Windows and to full Cantabile setup?

Thanks and best regards,

Hey Matej,

If you’re thinking of playing heavy gigs, don’t use a mobile processor (45W and below).

I am trying out a DIY PC based on a AMD 5800X with 64GB and PCIe v4 SSDs, which runs smoothly even with many demanding VSTs.
Trouble: it’s not a MiniPC, but we’re working on getting all this hardware into a rackmount at least.

My 0.0000001 € (which is: my experience)

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Hey, thanks very much. This is one of my thoughts too but:

In my case I’m not ready to go bigger than the DeskMini which doesn’t unlock full potential of 12600K and maybe not even 12400, due to form factor and small VRMs.

Also, I think I’ve read somewhere that most problems with mobile processors arise from laptop power management (battery?) and that mini PCs (like the Geekom) are much less affected? No personal experience though…

Anybody with good or bad experience?
Thanks and regards,

Hey matejb,

the IT13 with its M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4x4 SSD is really fast on booting taking only a few seconds. The full Cantabile setup is reached in 20 seconds. With my old Surface 3 Pro this took at least two minutes - never measured exactly. Since this time depends on the number and type of VST instruments loaded, here the structure of my songs and its “KEYBOARD VST”-Rack:

I am currently updating this rack!

The problem is not the power managment if you set it to maximum performance. The problem is rather the thermal throttling of the mobile processors reaching critical temperatures of the cores. This can be solved by exchanging the factory thermal paste of the IT13-13900H with Conductonaut (liquid metal, Thermal Grizzly) as described above.

I should stress that the thermal paste Conductonaut has a thermal conductivity of 73W/mK which is 5x higher than any normal high-end thermal paste (non liquid metal). This is really amazing.

However, liquid metals are only compatible with copper and must not be used with coolers made of aluminium. Moreover, since liquid metals conduct current some precautions have to be taken that liquid metal does get in contact with other elements of the board around the processor. For this purpose coatings are availabe which are applied like a nail polish around the processor.

Thanks @cpaolo and @MLK very much for guidance. Although the results of IT13 look excellent and it was a tough decision, I jumped on to the newest DeskMini, hoping to squeeze even better performance due to desktop CPU and more cooling volume. I will post some results when I get it and play with it for a little bit.