Feature Suggestion

Here’s another try for a feature suggestion, this time hopefully easier to implement and better fitting to the existing tools of the software.
I’m searching for a display of changing controllers, in my case mainly cc11: Expression.
Others also have asked for a possibility to see the last changed controller.

So here’s my suggestion:
We already have Controller Bar, which now is “only” actively doing something on user action.

What if there was another class of a receiving object that could be added with the following options:

  • input from what midi-source (Main Keyboard, …) [or fed by Backround Rack, or even by Song-Route-Destination to be more flexible]
  • Controller Type (Expression, Modweel, Sustain, or last used)
  • Display Type (plain Number or a kind of meter-bar)

Maybe this could one day also be used for audio-[Master]-meters.

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Hi @Jeff_Frohner

With out committing to anything, I will say that I’ve spent several hours today working on a design for user control panels. I’m hoping these will not only send MIDI, but also receive MIDI and be directly bindable and be able to show arbitrary values with some kind of formatting.

It’s the pulling together of all the requirements that I’m trying to wrap my head around.