Feature Suggestion - Bindings in Set List


Whilst migrating to V3 and setting up my Setlist. I am putting in Bindings for my master keyboard to select the songs in the Background Rack.

It struck me that it would be a good idea if a Set List could store bindings.

The reason for this thought is if I have two setlists, I am going to have the bindings for them both in the Background Rack, and then keep adding set list specific bindings to the Rack as I create more Setlists, which means the binding list in the Background rack will keep growing.

So it seems logical to have set list specific bindings store in the setlist?


I’m probably being brainless, but why do you need different bindings for different setlists in the background rack? What do the bindings do?



All the bindings I have are for the songs in the setlist, not the setlist itself. the bindings listen to Performance changes on my Yamaha EX5 (Master, lower tier keyboard) and then select the song in Cantabile to play.

So for example, I have a set list for my Welsh Floyd Band, and I will soon need one for another and, and then one for another one.

Welsh Floyd has about 16 bindings for selecting songs in the set list, and the other setlists will have a similar number.

I just felt it would be neater and more self contained if such bindings were in a set list.

I see, so rather than using a “next song” binding on controller, you have a binding to select each song explicitly in whatever order your choose from your EX5?

Having a “setlist rack” for those bindings might also have other uses where per-gig global customisation is useful.


That’s right, I bind each Performance on the EX5 to a Song in Cantabile.

For some gigs we play in the exact same order every time, but I like the flexibility of having the Performances and Songs linked. For some set lists, it would be nice to just have the next song in the set automatically selected. Having the choice would be the best of both worlds.


Interesting idea. Perhaps rather than per-set list bindings, a per-set list “rack” would work.

In the meantime, the simplest work around I can think is to have multiple background racks. (You can switch background racks in Options -> File Locations).

Logged it.


Thanks. So you can put bindings in a rack?

Thanks for the advice on switching background racks. I didn’t realise you could do that. Lots to learn… :grinning:

Hey, Brad

Just thought I would close this one off, as I think you may still have a Trello card open on it?

Thanks to the power of Cantabile, I have figured out a different way of keeping all of my song selection bindings in a set list.

Simply use a linked rack! All songs in the setlist make use of the linked rack and the song select bindings from my FC300 are in that rack and obviously available across all of the songs. Seems to work a treat! :slight_smile:

I spent yesterday getting my old Welsh Floyd setlist up and running again - mainly as an exercise to try this out, but also because I may be doing some auditions for another band soon, and the Floyd setlist has some good instrument combinations for jamming.

So I wanted to be able to use my new configuration with Cantabile as a hub, and with the Montage 7 having replaced my EX5, and the ability to select specific songs on my FC300, with Cantabile then selecting the correct songs, which all have per song bindings to send patch changes to the keyboards.

Whereas before I used to have zones and splits in the EX5 (which was mainly being used as a master keyboard at the end) I am currently now doing all of this in Cantabile, taking Montage (again just used as a master keyboard in this instance) data on channel 1 and zoning as required for the Kronos Combis that have all of the sounds.

Whilst this does not make use of any VSTis or Montage sounds, it has taught me how I wish to perform MIDI routing in Cantable, using it as a hub :slight_smile: and it’s gotten a useful setlist up and running again in my new configuration. It’s taight me how to do the selection from the FC300 and get the right Combis/Performances set up on the keyboards in response.

So I am now ready to do more complicated things! :slight_smile: