Feature Request: VST organization (& a question)

I’ve become a VST junkie. I’d love to be able to sort them by manufacturer (or any other meta data that might be attached to a VST). User defined sub-groups would be cool (delay, reverb, FM Synth, etc). Adding a “notes” section/column would be helpful so I can remind myself a little about the plugin. All searchable, of course. :slight_smile:

Now a question: Does having a ton of VSTs affect CPU load or RAM? I’m referring to the “base” load before adding any VSTs to a project. In other words, would it reduce my load to NOT have a bazillion VSTs to choose from?


Hi Tim,

No, the only time Ram and CPU are affected is when you load them up for use. You can have as many as you can hold on the disk or SSD without slowing things down.


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I, too, would love to see some more organizational options with VSTs and also presets. Something akin to Akai’s VIP - I would be perfectly content with a very simple version of this with no automation, just manual tagging. Just something to keep track of my favorite sounds to recall during writing and rehearsal.


This is not exactly what you are probably wanting, but I keep my favorites in the favorites folder. You also have selection by folder / presets etc. So these options are already available to you


Yea, I definitely make use of the Favorites folder, and it is definitely helpful, though I think there’s a lot of room for improvement without too much overhead or fancy stuff on brad’s part - this is my just 2 cents worth for that being worked on.

I’ve got some of my favorite sounds in preset folders, the problem is overlapping tags - for instance, if I want a sound with lots of resonance, a quick attack, but a long release to be in all three of “Rezzy,” “Bass,” “Pad” folders, I have to make copies of the preset - and changes to one don’t change the others. So having a menu to tag presets across multiple plugins would be amazing for my workflow.

Could that possibly be achieved with a rack?

I guess you could put a bunch of VSTs in a rack and label them, but they wouldn’t be searchable. I think I’d put them in a spreadsheet before I went that route. Good idea, though.