Feature Request: "toggle" binding for VST parameters


Hi @brad

something I’m missing fiddling with B-3X: a binding from control change (button) to toggle a VST parameter. Currently, I can only toggle by sending alternate values, but this doesn’t take the current state of the plugin into account, which means I need to trigger twice to get where I want to be. This is distracting: press a pedal, wait if the leslie spins up, if not, press again - naaaah…

Can we have a binding that toggles a VST parameter, depending on its current state? Happy to live with 1/0 only, pulling in-between values to the extremes. Mostly, the parameters I want to toggle are 1/0 anyhow…




+1 on that. :wink::grinning:



My binding consists of a Controller (button) with values set to 1.00,0.00 for Leslie Speed and Brake. It does what I need it to do. :+1:


Yes, but your binding doesn’t recognize the initial state of the leslie. So if your speed is already fast, your binding will do nothing on its first activation. Not the best solution, that’s why I’d like the improved version outlined above.


Ok I understand now thanks.


How about this:

When a value sequence binding is triggered it first works out the value it would have set (based on the binding’s internal sequence position). It then tries* to compare that value to the target’s current value and if it’s the same it skips to the next position in the sequence and uses that value instead.

* depending on the binding target the value can’t always be retrieved, but for plugin parameters it can.

This should work for the scenario described - the only thing it won’t do is provide any control over the direction
of “pulling in-between values to the extremes”.


Sounds complicated but should do exactly the right thing - with the additional benefit that it can be used for 0.6/0.4 toggles or the like - thumbs up! :+1:t2:




Count me in as another person who has noticed this and wished for an easy solution, but never bothered to bring it up. Thanks Torsten!


This is now supported in today’s patched 3615


Thanx, @brad! Amazing service - you‘re spoiling us…


Aaaah, this is so cool - I have my new all-in-one solo organ rack now:

  • IK Hammond BX3
  • Expression for swell
  • Sustain pedal (optional) sustains upper manual only or both manuals - configured per rack preset via alternative routing
  • Left pedal (sostenuto) toggles leslie speed
  • Alternatively, leslie speed can be set via pitch bend on upper and lower keyboard (thanx to @dave_dore for his utility racks) when I’d rather use my hands

Nice :smile:


Shareable? :anguished:


sure, why not? You’ll need the cc64 emulator plugin for the sustain functionality, plus I have a FabFilter Pro-Q 3 after the organ for EQ. Rest is just plumbing…

I’ve also added a trigger to toggle leslie brake with the lowest key on the lower keyboard (88 keys, A0) - works nicely.



Organ Solo IK.zip (11.1 KB)


Thank you Torsten. I have everything for it. :wink:


… and you may want to look at the rack output from the Pro-Q - I turn down all my rack outputs by 8 dB in the final route to have a bit of headroom, especially for busy songs with lots of layers. Since you seem to continually fight for the last decibel to be heard in loud bands, you might need to turn this back up :wink:


Gotcha…:laughing: Although my current amp can flatten a few walls now if needed.


Of course my retro brain read that as “commodore 64 emulator”. :slight_smile: