Feature Request: Support more MIDI real-time messages as binding source

Use Case

I have a Roland AX-7 master keyboard with a start/stop button which I cannot map to transport-play.

Things I Tried

  1. Used “MMC Play” / “MMC Stop” as event kind - did nothing.
  2. Used the learn function - did nothing.
  3. Instead of using “bindings”, I tried “Sync to MIDI clock”. Pressing start/stop changed the play state of cantabile, but nothing actually started

The Reason

AX-7 sends the play/stop command as status bytes FA/FC, but it does not actually send a clock (F8).
Anyway, I wouldn’t like the AX-7 as clock master.

My Wish

Add some more of the MIDI “System Real-Time Messages” to the “MIDI Event Kind” menu:

F3 Song Select (already there)
FA Start
FB Continue
FC Stop

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Sound be reasonably easy to add. Logged it

Done… will be in the next build.