Feature Request: show memory usage of individual plugins in Profiler

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Dear @Brad

Working on my gig setlist and trying to minimize CPU and memory usage, I am working a lot with the very useful Profiler. What I noticed there is that you list individual plugin maximum and average cpu usage, and memory usage as only as a total usage on the left side. Since I am working with memory heavy plugins such as Omnisphere and Keyscape, and I am trying to figure out what the most efficient way is to use them (e.g. a multi in Omnisphere with 8 Keyscape programs on 8 midi slots, or having a Keyscape linked rack with various states).

Would a seperate memory reporting per plugin, as an additional column in the right panel be an option? It would be useful to me at least.

Thanks in advance

That’d be very useful however impossible to implement. Since everything is within the one process there’s no way to tell which plugin allocated which memory.


Don’t the biggest memory hogs normally have their own usage window?

Thanks for the reply @Brad. You can obviously judge this best. The workaround is to monitor the total memory usage and observe the change when you make a change in the setlist. That will still work of course.

I am actually trying to figure out if - memory wise - it is better to have 8 Keyscape programs in a Keyscape linked rack with 8 states, or have them within 1 Omnisphere multi and switch Midi channel from 1-8. I any case these two (wonderful) plugins are memory intensive…

That would give you a rough idea however Keyscape and Omnisphere are probably the perfect examples of where this won’t work well since they continue to load samples in the background.