Feature Request: shortcut to hide/show plugin windows

Reaper has a nifty shortcut to do this and it’s really useful.
It’d be great to quickly switch back and forth between Cantabile and all the plugins you’re editing.

Do you mean one command to a) toggle all plugin editors visible, or b) just to toggle the ones you’ve opened? I like the idea of (b) actually - good idea, logged it.

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Yeah, b.
That’s great, it’ll be a very useful addition.

I would also benefit from this.

Might also be cool to include any of Cantabile’s non-modal floating windows too?

@brad, there’s a little bug with this.
If I’ve had a route window open, or filter or global transpose, even though I’ve closed them, they will always come back when I use a shortcut key to toggle windows on top.
I would expect them to only show if I’ve not close them and hid them with the keypress.

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Yes, that’s a bug. logged it.

Same here. Sometimes crashes on it. Thx for looking at it Brad.

The bug mentioned is fixed and will be in the next build. Not aware of any crashes with it but if you’ve got details, please send them through…

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Thanks for sorting this out.

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Thx Brad, I cannot send the crash log, it’s over 10Mb and is not allowed to be sended.
Could be because of my system of course. But it always is hahah :slight_smile:

Hi @So_Godly

How big is it? Most crash reports are only a couple hundred Kb. You don’t have Options -> Diagnostics -> Include Data Segments turned on do you?

Depending how big the files are I can either increase the upload limit or provide you a place to upload it.


10mb.I’ll see for the settings, thx
I created a mega share account now for upload. Just didn’t have crashes lately jeeeejjjjjj :blush: