Feature request: setting for rack-internal routes to ignore global transpose

I just read @brad’s latest newsletter regarding global transpose, which reminded me of an annoyance and a possible small feature that could help:

When I use global transpose, I need to make sure that “ignore global transpose” is checked for all routes inside racks, otherwise notes get transposed TWICE: once along the route to the respective rack and one more time for the route from rack input to the actual instrument.

Since this constellation (route to the rack and another inside the rack) is pretty much the norm for racks, can we have an Options setting that says “ignore global transpose inside racks”, please, @brad? This way, things would mostly work as expected, without the need to check “ignore global transpose” for all rack-internal routes.




I join this request. I’d really like to have such kind of feature, that ignores global transpose inside racks…


One problem with that would be if you have a route that’s connected directly to an environment MIDI IN port inside the rack, so it would need to be something that’s able to be overridden.


You are right… I don’t work this way but yes… this would be something to keep in mind.

@torsten, by default when you load a new plugin into a rack the default route is connected to the rack’s MIDI input port and the ignore option is turned on. As opposed to inserting a plugin into a song where the ignore option is left off.

Is there something about your workflow when inserting plugins that this doesn’t work?

@brad: But wasn’t that a feature that you implemented just a few months ago? Maybe racks that come from versions before that release do not have this checkbox checked… but I’d need to double check here too.

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It’s probably that a large number of my racks is so old that this behavior was not in place in Cantabile then…

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Perhaps I just need to make that setting a little more visible and maybe easier to control.

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I have also run into this a lot. Many of my racks are older.