Feature Request: Right click on fader offers to open plugin


As faders are very often used to address the send level to effects, and as there can be quite a distance, logistically, between the send fader and the effect, it would be mighty useful to be able to open the GUI of the effect directly from the send fader.
Anyone else find this useful?


Doesn’t right click already create bindings?


Yep. Put another item in there. Not unusual for a contextual menu I’d suggest. :wink:


I hear ya. I rarely use mouse during live play since most everything I adjust is either bound to keys, footswitches, or rotary knobs. I have a toggle button (at bottom of C3 GUI)to toggle pop ups which are GUIs for VSTs which is easier to put a mouse on than a thin line, and I can bind it to a physical switch. I would rather have a GUI toggle on the button menu. But, you can never have enough tools. :grin: Brad?


I’m thinking about this more from the setup/editing side rather than as a performance tool.
Things can get spread out, and it’s quite common to want to tweak a send effect when you’re tweaking the send gain.


Logged it as a suggestion.