Feature request: Remove Tags & Hide VST2's if VST3 present

Hi Brad

Now that VST3 support is here in Cantabile (:hugs:)…

it would be good (to prevent having an overload of options or manual work to do) to have the following functionalities

  1. In the (right click) edit tag menu, add an option to “Remove all tags” from the selected items (I currently seem not able to achieve that accept manually go through the list)

  2. In case of VST3’s present next to VST2’s: could the VST2’s with the same name e.g. automatically go to the ‘Hidden’ category? This could also take away the need for the “remove all tags” request above

But both would be good to have

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That’s making the assumption that people would generally prefer the VST3 version, which may not always be the case. Perhaps there could be an option to say which plugin architecture users prefer and hide the other if both exist for a given plugin.

There could be a similar option for when both x86, x64 variants of a plugin exist, where users may typically favour one or the other.


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At the moment you may be right. Maybe indeed an option could be implemented if users prefer VST2 over VST3 plugins or vice versa, or no preference at all, in which case the plugins could be both visible. Maybe similar for x86 or x64
I guess in the long run it will be VST3 only though, if we like it or not…

Hi Brad

In addition, or to replace this request, could an option be implemented to put an entire selection of plugins to the ‘hidden’ category. At the moment, if I do it correctly at least, I can put only individual plugins into the ‘hidden’ group .
Vice versa, it would also be good to have an option to ‘unhide’ an entire selection of plugins…

Thanks in advance!