Feature request: quantise vst binding values

currently binding to a vst parameter is done with values 0 to 1 (to 3 decimal places).
if a vst parameter gui quantises the values to 0 - 12, 0 - 127, -127 - +127 etc, we have to get our calculators out.
it’d be great to be able to simply set the total number of steps that the vst parameter responds to.

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here’s a spreadsheet that helpsC3 VST stepped params…ods.zip (14.1 KB)

Hi Neil,

What are you using to be the controller? A slider or knob on a controller surface? Also could you show me a typical binding and the values you input regarding this post? I’d like to get more up to speed on this issue.



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hi Dave,
in this case it’s that i want to bind a note to change a pattern in BlueArp.
the current pattern is selected with vst automation.
there are 128 patterns (referred to as programs within BlueArp)
to select pattern 1 i bind to currentProgram and set it to 0.000
to select pattern 2 i set it to 0.008
pattern 3 to 0.016

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