[Feature Request] Preload NextSong


this goes to @brad: Brad, what do you think? Might this be a could idea to implement a function, that only preload the next song?
I used the Seelake AudioStation last year and this function was quite useful, because you can save a lot resources.

Just an idea :wink:


Hi @FantomXR

I’ve considered this several times in the past but always been a bit wary of having stuff loading in the background while trying to perform - particularly if it involves plugins like Kontakt that display progress meters etc while loading.

That said, I’m not completely against it … interested to hear what others think.



I have been thinking about this for awhile, but never requested it. I have also been thinking about pre-loading single sets, instead of the full song list with multiple sets. I started using sets as set lists, only problem is printing out song list on 4 or five sheets of paper for every member.
My advantage in pre-loading next song is not as much saving resources as it is jumping to other songs out of the song list. Also, there may be better ways to do this, but if I am performing with a group that has a 140 song repertoire, I list them all, but don’t pre-load them. That would tax resources for sure. When songs are requested, or called for, not in the set list, I have them available at the bottom of the list, so no fumbling around to pull a song into the list out of the file section.

Edit: I too would be leary about loading a song while I was playing another. I would, however, like to be able to choose how many songs are pre-loaded in the list at one time.



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Don’t forget that if you’re using linked racks, and your songs tend to use similar racks, the memory overhead for each song is probably quite small, since the plugins and sample sets are shared.

I personally wouldn’t find any great benefit from having a “preload next song” feature, as I never get close to filling my machine’s RAM, even when loading a setlist containing all the songs I’ve set up. I quite like the certainty of knowing that once Cantabile has loaded a setlist, it won’t be loading new plugins/samples, and potentially causing some problems in the process (for example, some weird licensing issue where a licence dialog pops up, stopping further loading).


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Also a good point regarding licensing.

Anyway: Cantabile crashed yesterday while I was switching from one song to another although everything was preloaded.
@brad: is Kontakt causing stability issues?

//edit: I was able to reproduce the crash. It was caused by the plugin Xpand!2. It seems that there might be a problem when two instances are used.


Hi Neil. I totally agree with you. For the most part, I do pre-load all songs and a dozen basic setups for on the fly stuff ( guests on stage seem to occur more often lately ). I have been weeding out problem vsts for the last several weeks and replacing with stable ones. I always check my setup before ever going to a gig. The thing I have run into several times is that something may produce a glitch while pre-loading, and hang there i.e. stopping on plug 136. I have no way of knowing what plug # 136 is without running every single song to test. I cannot do a setlist verification if the setlist will not finish loading. In most cases, it is pilot error, and nothing to do with the plug. More like invalid binding or routing. So, I would find it helpful, for testing, to be able to get to the problem quicker by just pre-loading, say…set 3, instead of the whole list. Also, even though I use protective devices, the occasional power glitch, or outage would be easier to recover from by pre-loading from where I left off. With that said, C3 is stable as it is. The instability lies wholly with me and a few outside sources. And yes, before Fred or Terry comments…I am unstable…after all, I am a musician .



Me too.
Quite like Corky’s idea of selecting a bunch of songs and saying only load these.
Couple that instruction to a binding and, at a convenient spot in the set list, you can load the next bunch -while keeping the entire setlist available should it be required.


I wouldn’t use it. I’m far more comfortable pre-loading the whole set and knowing it’s good to go while performing, even if it means taking a load break in the set (which luckily I don’t need to with current system!)

That said, as an option no reason not to have it there for people that would want it one would think as long as it didn’t destabilize the system. Nothing I personally would be interested in though.

It might not like Cantabile’s multi-core support, Try:

  • Options → Audio Engine → Multi-processor Mode → Compatible (instead of Aggressive)

If that doesn’t help, try:

  • Options → Audio Engine → Number of Audio Threads → 1 (disabled)

If either of those options help, let me know and I can probably configure an exception for that plugin.



I think about to change from CP 2 after long time to CP3.
Actual I’m working with a trial version of CP3.
I’m very interested in the preload function. Until now, I see
now significant difference according to loading times in comparison
to CP2.
I tested it until now only with KONTAKT libraries. As you know, it
takes some times long time to load e.g. multis.
Is the preload function at all possible to use it for loading
presets/multis in KONTAKT?
I tried it also with more instances of KONTAKT in a song or
setlist/states. I guess, KONTAKT can not load in another
instance another preset/multi (in the background) to use it for preloading. Or?

Has someone an idea, how to solve it in v3?

Yes, just put your Kontakt instances into linked racks, and enable setlist preloading, and all of those linked racks will be pre-loaded when the setlist is loaded, and instantly available for any song that uses them.



Hi Neil,

many thanks for the infos!
I have it now.
This feature is really increadible good!

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