Feature request, panels/bars show/hide

Hello Brad!

I was trying to show/hide these bars:

But “Hide Active Panel/Bar” action doesn’t work correctly with a ticker bar and a metronome.
This is kinda little bit complicated for just show/hide panel, isn’t it?
Why not to make these menus trigger like action? (toggle on/off)

Kind regards, Alexander

Hi Alexander,

This has come up a few times now and it’s actually designed like this on purpose.

The idea is that using the short cut key always takes you to the panel. If it was toggle, then pressing the key will sometimes take you there and sometimes take you away - depending on the current bar visibility.

In other words: Ctrl+E will always take you to the timeline panel. Ctrl+E then Shift+Escape will always hide it.

That said there is one small issue with the tickbar atm - it won’t take focus when it’s empty making it impossible to hide. This is a bug that’ll be fixed soon. It’s only a problem if you set list is empty.

I couldn’t reproduce any problems hiding the metronome - let me know if that’s not working for you.

Note that the Controller Bar and Toolbar behave slightly differently since they never take focus - so they’re a simple toggle command.

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I’ve got it!
Thanks, Brad

I have reproduced a “bug” with metronome panel:

  1. Add some panel (keyboard for instance)
  2. Add metronome panel
  3. Click on keyboard, hide it
  4. Click on metronome (not a button on a metronome panel) - it doesn’t hide

Kind regards, Alexander