Feature Request: Mono track to Stereo Ports on Media Players

Hi All,

I use mono stems on some projects now that require separate media players in C♪3. The current behavior I’m seeing is that when i drop a mono track onto a media player it does not automatically create the necessary file output routes to set the mono track in a stereo field with pan control. On opening the file properties for the mono file I dropped onto the media player it shows only a single port assignment to the left. Opening the port for editing shows no panning applied.

SnapShot 42

To achieve a mono signal in a stereo field I have to manually configure each mono track in the following way

add a port for right channel

I have to edit the left channel port to be panned Left as well

SnapShot 44

and I have to edit the Right channel port I made to be panned Right

SnapShot 15187

Is it possible to make this reaction to the mono file behave so that the actions I had to take are automatic @brad? Stereo files have no worries just these mono files…

Thanks for listening … :slight_smile:


Hi @dave_dore

Let me have a think about this. In the meantime, one possible option would be to use Mono Media Player. ie: right click on the media player, choose Audio Ports and remove the second channel so there’s just one channel output.

Now when you load mono file it should create just the one mapping to the media player output, but if you route the media player to a stereo target Cantabile will automatically map to both channels on the target.

Not sure if that fits exactly with your needs, but might provide a temp workaround.


Thanks @brad , I will try it out. It will be mono with no panning but could be a good workaround. I’m still interested in being able to pan my mono tracks in a stereo field as a default behavior as I described so if that can be done later on it would be great. I’ll let you know how the workaround goes …


The workaround got me going, Thank You Brad. :slight_smile:

All I can add to what I said so far is that while working on this it behaved best if I deleted the stereo ports and then added the mono port as the only out and then drop the file on it. If I dropped on to a default media player the mono file routed to the left channel only of the stereo ports. Neither behavior allows the pan control of the player slot to be used to pan the mono signal. My method I described above did so but I am not sure that was the proper way to set something like that up and whether the levels sent to the L And R ports was correct as in a DAW Channel when handling a mono track. I also didn’t know if I broke the pan rule you employ on the slot pan control when I started improvising.

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