Feature request: "import program" in "Add Object" choice menu

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Hi all

I would like to request a new feature that would be useful to me and I guess many others:

At the moment, you can open and save a program (a VST with a certain preset) only when you have that VST already loaded.

Would it be possible already at the “Add Object” option to add the “open program” option, so it would load the VST plus the desired preset immediately?

Like this, I could e.g. immediately load my favourite Rhodes piano from Keyscape in a cantabile song, without having to first add Keyscape, and then search for the desired preset, or import the program then

Enjoying Cantabile at a daily basis,
Thanks in advance


This sounds to me like a typical case for a linked rack. Just load up your rack (which in most cases might be loaded in your setlist anyway) and choose the preset through the rack state.

You can already do this via the Presets category in the Insert Plugin dialog.

Try this:

  1. Start Cantabile and go to Options -> Plugin Options
  2. Make sure you have a folder entered for “Presets and Banks Folder” and that it exists.
  3. Load your plugin (Keyscape) and load the desired preset (Rhodes) into it.
  4. From the plugin editor’s hamburger menu, choose “Export Bank” and save it to the same folder configured in step 2. Call it say “My Rhodes”
  5. Create a new song.
  6. Choose Insert Plugin and take a look in the Presets folder - you should see “My Rhodes”.


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Thanks, I was not aware of this procedure yet. Thanks for the clarification. Tested it and it works indeed.


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