Feature request: global disable solo and scroll for sliders

Hi @brad,

I’m sure these features are very useful for many users. However, they both have disrupted my workflow at times. It would be really good if they were both options.

I get caught when scrolling through a song and pass over a slider. It starts to adjust its setting and the undo stack doesn’t track the changes.

The solo can be disabled per object but a global setting would be much appreciated. My songs have objects at the top level that route amongst themselves, Soloing one object usually has no effect.



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Thanks @brad

Thinking about the scrolling, it’s the starting scrolling the page and then hitting a slider which then begins to adjust that is throwing me.
If you can only adjust a slider by starting scrolling whilst over a slider that would make it predictable.
Also, I think the gain scale should appear if you are adjusting a slider with the scroll wheel. I know we should be doing things by ear, but the numbers really help.


Just the day before yesterday I got caught by this, using my mousewheel to move quickly to the bottom. I had turned down the master volume and it took reinstalling my audio driver, reinstalling Cantabile, restarting Windows twice, and much mighty cursing before I noticed the master volume was turned down to zero.

But this week has been like that. :sob:

(I do pity myself sometimes.)


Flipping 'eck, that’s extreme.

Understood - but not sure how to improve it. The only thing I can think is for mouse wheel on a slider/knob to only work if the parent scroll view has scrolled for a short period of time (say 1 second). It could also watch for mouse moves but it’s common for them to occur during mouse wheel operation too.

Anyone know of a good solution?


I don’t envy you that one - it’s an awkward one. I think you might be stuck with having to put in delays or a dead-zone around the pointer, to allow yourself to know with any reliability when the user is likely to be mouse scrolling, and so suppress handling of those events in the controls. One idea might be that a control should only accept mouse scroll messages if no scroll event has occurred since the mouse pointer moved into its bounding box.

Easy way out would be to require a modifier key for scroll-wheeling on sliders etc…

Good luck!


Personally I quite like this idea - makes it clear what’s going to happen. What does everyone else think?



It’s a good principle. It does exclude one-handed mouse operation though, Could you maybe include single left click to activate and highlight the control?

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