Feature Request for BPM

I work with a band that uses click tracks and some backing tracks. Sometimes the song does not have an even BPM. It might be a .5 (e.g. 108.5) or even a .2. In order for anything that I’m playing to be arpeggiated at the right tempo – or for my delays to be in sync, ect – I set the BPM for the song in Cantabile. Then I just have to be sure that I’m right on time with the click. When I get an odd BPM I set it to the nearest whole number, but it would be great if I could set it precisely in Cantabile. Thanks!


Your issue is that you can’t set anything other than a whole tempo value in Cantabile?
I agree. Should be able to enter 3 decimal places.
Even a midi file playing back in Cantabile rounds the displayed tempo to the nearest whole number, as far as I can see.

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In other words, this?


Yes. It’s the same request. However, unlike the OP in that thread, I can’t change the “master BPM” to a whole number. They are audio tracks, clicks included. So, using decimal places would be the only answer. I have two songs in this weekend’s set with decimals in the BPMs.

Hi @Synchrony

I can’t provide a solution by the weekend but I’ve bumped that card over to the “current” list and will look into it.



@brad You are the best! Thanks much!

I was just thinking about it last night at rehearsal. I’m doing a bass synth arppegiation, 1/16th notes at 100BPM. If it were 100.7 or something like that it wouldn’t work at all. Thanks for the update!