Feature request: Controller Bar layouts Target Binding

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Hi All,

This request might be back burner for other GUI developement reasons but my ask would be a binding target that allowed the Controller Bar layout to change to the desired choice upon invoking it. Where it would expressly help me is as follows

  • I have a set of MIDI CC Controller bar buttons unique to a song and want to change Controller Bar layouts on Song Load

  • I have a Rack that I have unique Controller Bar buttons for that only needs to selected while that rack is opened for say editing purposes. It would help if it could return to the layout that was there before the use of the rack invoked the Controller Bar change.

Would anyone else benefit from this? I’d like to get it added for voting I guess …



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@Corky - I finally found the setting to get rid of that post length limit. It’s now 1 character.



Would a simpler solution to this be to allow each song/rack to specify which controller bar layout should be shown when that song/rack is active?

I’m thinking that a rack setting would override the song setting when the rack is active and if the song doesn’t have a preferred setting then there’s a global default.

I think that’d give this auto switching behaviour you’re describing without a mess of bindings.


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I like this idea. It would be very useful to me.

  • Paul

Thank you Brad !! (1 character) :grinning:

Absolutely would do it much more simply …

I’m so glad you chimed in, your ideas on how to implement really looking good to me!

Thanks so much for the feedback


Addendum :

One thing I thought I might add would be the ability to import the Controller Bar layouts to any Multiple configurations you may have.

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Plus One…:grin:
That would be useful for me too.
Thanks Brad.

In fact my dream is to have Controller Bar (with controllable layout change) available in WEBui.

I’m using a self-made gig rack computer without screen attached.
Tablet is connected thru a wifi router.

So, MS Remote Desktop is my friend for launching and WEBui for giging…

@brad, do you plan to improve WEBui?

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I do, but it’s all a matter of priorities…

I would love this feature also.