Feature request: close "Update Available" window with Download button

Just a small annoyance on every update announcement: clicking the “Download” button takes me to the website but doesn’t close the window - need to go back to Cantabile and close the window via “Cancel”. Not super-logical, and just one click too many…

It would be more useful to close the window after clicking “Download” - agree, @brad?

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Even better, [auto] update embedded, no browser.
I know, it’s a bit more challenging than Torsten’s idea. :wink:

I agree, It would make a lot of sense to close the window when you click “Download”.

But regarding doing an “embedded” upgrade, I actually find it useful to be able to download the installer, so I can transfer it to my other Cantabile machines and so on, rather than download it multiple times. And also install it when it’s a convenient time for me.

I’d say if done it should be optional and only stable versions.

Maybe download the installer to the default folder, then run an install script.
But it is just an idea to make updating more handy. I’m not sure which system is better.

Sure, optional. But even in experimental versions. By putting a checkbox in the settings, well hidden and disabled by default.
OK, that’s just my Saturday afternoon ramblings.

I agree with this.

For the next build, the window closing has been added.

Auto download+install requires more work, but not sure of it’s priority. Logged it.


4155 up now closes the dialog when pressing Download button.