Feature Request: binding Media player current position

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Hi, sorry for this stupid question: I’m a little bit new to Cantabile v3.

Anyone knows if is it possible to BIND a MIDI CONTROLLER (I usually use a Slider on my keyboard) to the MEDIA PLAYER CURRENT POSITION?

I’m used to move the media player start point using this slider.

Hi EMSoft and Welcome,

This binding Target is not implemented on Cantabile as of now but @brad will add it to the ideas list if he is aware you are asking about it. Hope it works out :grinning:


Thanks Dave for your quick answer. I’ve subscribed the Trello board but how can I add this request to the Suggestion & Ideas list?



Hi Albert,

Just edit the topic here on this thread and add that it’s a (Feature Request) to the beginning of the thread label and Brad will see it and add it to list, as far as I know he does the adding to the Trello list … I also put a tag on this post so he can check it out when he gets to it.


It 's really interresting .

It could be an alternative to the rewind or Foward button I would need on the media player.

Given that most sliders have a resolution of 128 positions do you thing this is going to be fine enough to position the media player position?

In the meantime one alternative might be to create play ranges for the positions you need and bind to those.

(PS: I’m reluctant to make changes/improvements to the media player functionality because I want to completely rework it. It’s very high on my list but I having trouble committing to such a big piece of work while so distracted by current world events).

I understand:)
thx for answer