Feature request: being able to insert plugins directly to existing plugin chains

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I’m 99 percent of the time in Wiring view. So, every time I want to insert a plugin to an existing chain of plugins, I have to add it to the song and then attach it manually to that chain. This often means I have to move the connection line away from the audio output channel to the newly insterted plugin. If I want to add parallell chains and such things, this approuch becomes quite tedious. Is it possible to have an option implemented to be able to add plugins to existing chains, and also to move plugins around in different orders without having to manually correct these connection lines? Would be awesome!

And another thing, since moving connection lines sometimes is necessary in either case when experimenting with different orders of plugins and parallell chains, it’d be nice to have a sort of magnetic function to detaching and adding lines to the various plugins and outputs. I think Gig Perfomer has this function. I don’t use Gig Performer, but I’ve tried it, and this particular function is very nice and speeds up the process of working with the program.

Thanks for an excellent program, anyhow.


Thanks for the suggestions. Logged here for now.

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