Feature request: "Are you sure?" for full VST scan

(Aside: I tried Gig Performer so I could train a backup player for my gig job. It looked like an easier interface. But it frankly just doesn’t do anything close to Cantabile. Sure, it’s a pretty(er) interface, but it doesn’t compare in power).

Now, on to my request. I normally gig inside, but this last week the band had a special event outside. The sun was in my eyes and it was hard to see the computer. I was switching between Dante and a Scarlett box and under “Tools” I accidentally clicked “Scan Plugin Folders (Full)” instead of “Options”. I have over 800 plugings, so it’s going to take a while. I managed to cancel out and do the gig, but now I’m prepping for rehearsal tonight and having to cancel out again.

I’ll let it run tonight (or is there a way to mod a file to stop it from doing a full scan). And I’ve un-selected the “Rescan Plugin Folders at Startup” option. My request is for a “Are You Sure?” prompt when selecting a full plugin scan. If I had that when I accidentally selected it last weekend, I could have clicked “No”.

Keep up the great work, Brad. You’re not losing this customer!

Hi @Synchrony,

Thanks for suggesting this. A couple of thoughts:

  1. If you cancel a plugin scan, no changes are made to the plugin database. So theoretically clicking cancel should be the same as clicking No in an “are you sure” prompt.
  2. The problem with (1) is that sometimes cancelling a plugin scan can be slow - because some plugins are slow to load and Cantabile is stuck waiting for them to respond.
  3. I would like to address (2) by doing the plugin scan on a separate thread… but that’s a low priority on my todo list.
  4. Do you use Live Mode? What if Plugin Scan was disabled in Live Mode to prevent accidentally invoking it. Or, perhaps in Live Mode it prompted - would that make sense?