Feature request: allow state change for "uncontrolled" racks from song

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet: I’ve got some racks where I have unchecked “Let the parent song control this rack’s selected state and gain”. I do this in order to run different configurations of my output rack: one with metering enabled (for tuning levels at home) and one without metering for playing live (no distraction from dancing meters). I have saved these different configurations as rack states of my output rack.

Now, when I want to switch my output rack from one configuration to the other, Cantabile doesn’t allow me to do this - I need to go to rack edit mode, switch my left side panel to “States” and switch states within the rack, then get back out of the output rack edit to continue editing the song.

To me, this is a bit unnecessary and tedious. Why not allow me to still select a rack state for these racks at song level, even though they will not be saved with the song (I KNOW…). Maybe with a nice little (automatically closing) info box telling me: “this state change will not be saved with the song” to make sure I know what I am doing? Would save me a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks - and be far more intuitive…

Thanx for considering, @brad!



You mean you want me to the remove code that makes it harder for you to do something? Oh ok… logged here. :slight_smile:

This will be done in the next build.

You can now switch states from the parent song, but not control the gain because that’s actually a different setting that shouldn’t be controllable from the song.

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