Feature request: Ability to set metronome with only weak pulses

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Hello. I’d like to suggest/request the ability to set the metronome without strong/weak beats (called “Measure/Beat Sounds” in Cantabile), that is, only weak beats. Most metronomes on the market, as well as metronomes built into digital instruments, have this ability. A possible implementation would be to have 0/0 and 1/1 time signatures, the first with only weak beats, the second with only strong beats - that’s the way it’s implemented on my Roland digital piano.

When you’re playing music that changes time signature, having a metronome with fixed time signature is really an annoyance.

By the way, “Strong beats” and “Weak beats” are, in my opinion, better terms than “Measure sound” and “Beat sound”, but that’s another topic.

Thanks in advance.

Hi josiaspiano,

You are right there is no built in version currently but until there is one there is a workaround and that is to use the Custom Metronome setting and setting both sounds to the same file. Here i use a claves .wav file for that purpose to demonstrate.

then you would set the measure/beat balance knob to 0 dB or 12 o’clock.


Hope this helps. :slight_smile:




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Hi dave_dore. Thanks for your suggestion. I was aware of this possibility, and I actually use custom metronome sounds. But I’d like to use both strong/weak and only-weak sounds alternately, and going every time to the preferences dialog and changing file is not really a viable option most of the time.

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Right click on the metronome bar and turn off “Enable Measure Sounds”:


Wish I’d have known that one Brad! :grin:


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It’s been there since Jan 2016, build 3120. :slight_smile:


It’s always good to discover new things…even if it is from a different decade. :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

  • …Dave wanted to be sure Brad remembered… :innocent:
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Oh, and it’s in the manual too!

My mistake, I’m sorry.

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