Feature Req: Extra Playlist functions

Hi Guys, @brad,
I’d love to see some handy extra functions:

  • select recent setlists right from the top title (now we have to click several levels to get to a former setlist). The word Set List seems also a bit a space taker, is it needed? Leave the hamburger menu as it is.

  • add song tempo to the setlist
    Always handy to have an overview of the tempos.
    SONG1 (128)

  • add song playtime next to the setlist. Manually add the playtime by right click?
    SONG1 (128 / 3:28)

  • And add a calculator for that function that shows the total playtime of the setlist on top. It’s not science, but it’s handy to have an indicator how long a setlist will play for a show. I have this now in my excel sheet calculated and it’s really really handy !
    SETLIST1 (1h20)

  • Save song as,… etc,…add to the right click of a song in the setlist

  • Could there be a partially preload function (for example next upcoming 5 songs), because now after a crash I had to wait some time on stage until everything was loaded again.

What do you guys think of these ideas? It would make my life easier as I use C3 more and more as a daily instrument.

Some nice ideas there and it would save getting the calculator out. Would only work for songs where there is a seuqnece or audio fle to play back, mind

I would like the option to still fully pre-load

Hi @So_Godly

This is already in the next build.

I could add this but it means what’s displayed in the set list now requires scanning all the related song files - doable but just not trivial thing to add.

This is dependant on another change I have planned where you can set the song length for even songs that don’t use media players. Same thing as previous point applies too.

That would be reasonable but depends on the previous point first. :slight_smile:

There’s already a rename command. Save As doesn’t really make sense here because it implies the song is already loaded (when it may not be). Perhaps “Create Copy…” would make more sense.

No. I’ve looked into only preloading just upcoming songs and loading things in the background while also trying to keep the audio engine running is too risky (imo). One thing I have considered though is preloading sections of a setlist - so when you get to a break, the whole next section preloads.

Anyway, I’ve logged all this here.


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Waaaw Brad you keep on amazing me!

I mostly have no idea what processes you have in mind to keep an eye of, so i see your point that some functions seem simple, but can give complications.

That song length would be handy to have an idea how long a show will play.
Maybe it doesn’t have to be do complicated, just an extra field with the time would do and a sum function on top.
It would help allot.

Just keeping this request alive :slight_smile:
I would be so handy in my bands to have these functions.
Please Brad consider.
I will be grateful for the rest of my days
(as I am for the first function you added, the recent playlists list, I use it daily !

AND the nights? :rofl:

The nights I’m on stage :joy:

The ability to override tempo and transpose on a per-song basis in the set list is high on my todo list. When they’re overridden in the set list they will probably be displayable as part of the set list.

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I’m falling in love
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