Fear for a new computer!

Hi all,

I have problems with my computer and I am about to buy a new one to import all the songs I currently have in my faulty computer. Before I start finding problems or issues in the process I would like to ask some questions:

  • Would the whole process be as “easy” as to install the all the midi/audio drivers, plugins, and Cantabile and then import all the songs in the new computer? Am I missing something?
  • I’m considering buying a HP Pavillion x360 with touchscreen and Windows 10 preinstalled. Any thoughts on the computer or anyone can share any experience with it? Will Cantabile work without problems in Windows 10?
  • 32 bit or 64 bit? Would this make any difference in the process?
  • Any other thing or possible problem I should consider?

I am open to any other computer recomendation/suggestion. The 360-degree geared hinge is a plus for me, and my power needs aren’t that hight. My current pc is an i7 at 2.2GHz with 4BG RAM and I’m using just 60% CPU in use (72% while loading Pianoteq).

many thanks in advance!


If you can match the port names and paths on the new machine, moving the data in Cantabile is a no brainer.

As far as 32/64 bit, if you’re referring to the OS, 64 bits is the only way to go now. If you’re talking about Cantabile, the 32/64 bit decision is determined largely by the plugins you use and whether or not you want to use jbridge.

I keep all my Cantabile data on OneDrive, so that everything is automatically backed up and there are multiple levels of restore available. Since you’re moving your data, I would consider it a good time to think about doing something similar (whether it’s OneDrive or Dropbox or whatever).

See this post:

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thanks to both for the answers, they are really very helpful!!

As for the 32/64 bit I wasn’t very clear. After reading the quick instructions I just have one doubt: do the 32 and 64 bit plugins have the same internal unique ID? or are they treated as different plugins?

I’m asking this becase I had a 64 bit Windows, with a 32 bit cantabile and all plugins in 32 bit format except for VB3 II that is 64 bit (played through jbridge), and I think that maybe it’s time to have all in 64 bit format.


Really that’s up to the plugin developer but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that uses a different id.