FCB1010 Uno-- What are all those pedals for?


Hi all-- I have an FCB1010 that I put the UNO chip in. I wanted one expression pedal, and then one button for next state and next song. I dedicated one as a panic button for all notes off just in case. And now… I have a lot of pedals left! I know this unit comes up a lot in the forums here, but how are you using up all those pedals?


It’s really all about what any particular person is needing. Multiple bindings to plugin parameters, activating triggers. So many different things to control.

I’ll give you an example: look at the pedal boards many guitarists use. With your pedal, you can virtually setup controls for many FX pedals, similar to a pedal board. This is just one example of thousands.


I have one, and I LOVE it!!!
Perhaps a more pertinent question would be, “What CAN’T you do with this thing?” In live setups, I use Mobius looper, (like Ed Sheeran), and I have created the ‘Chewie’ clone (without the monitor), for looping! Since the board has at least 9 ‘layers’ I can use one layer for extensive, multi-track, loop INPUT, then create a very extensive playback layer.
OR - Since I have the Roland GR-55 guitar synth, I use the pedals to change sounds within patches, raise/lower different instrument volumes, activate ‘stompbox’ type effects…
In Cantabile… OMG!!!
I change states, switch VST’s, change songs, control input/output gains/volumes, start and stop (media) players, control DMX light fixtures, (DMXIS), switch anything, start/stop recording… I really could go on… and on … and on! I wish I had two or three, but I can’t configure the real estate, LOL!!! With (at least) NINE SETS OF 10 SWITCHES… Get creative!!!


Couldn’t agree more, been gigging with an FCB1010 and Cantabile for years. Yeah you can do literally anything.

I play guitar and an EWI Sax/horns instrument. Here’s my layout, and BTW I don’t use Uno, just the stock chip. Since C3 can modify any incoming message, and using the awesome free FCB Editor, it’s insanely easy and I have no need for UNO. BTW, everyone’s different, but I prefer to use song states as you mentioned, and do as much of my programming and automation in saved states. That allows me to focus on the music, and keep my FCB rig somewhat foolproof and simple. Note that some songs have backing tracks, so I have master Transport controls on 9 and 10.

(this is layed out the same as the pedal, so top left is 6. I sometimes leave a blank switch space to avoid an accidental press, noted as XXX)
Next Song – Prev Song-- XXX-- Pause/Resume – Play/Stop

Sax Growl(EWI) – XXX – Previous State – Next State – Next State (Orange Tape!)

I have 4 and 5 both being my Next State, so if I miss 5 with my foot I usually hit 4 so I’m still good. The exp pedals are set so that Exp A also gives me the option to go between State 1 and 2, for songs that are simple with just 2 tones, just like a guitar amp. Exp B is what I call “Special”… it does different things on each song. As mentioned earlier, it’s always sending the same CC but in C3 I use the midi filter to change it to another CC as needed, and of course that’s saved within each song. On some songs it’s a volume swell, on others a Wah, on others it’s the amount of amp feedback, etc.

For a while I also used a cheap Yamaha sustain pedal and Midi Expression adaptor as my “Big Orange Advance button” for Next state, and it was nice in that it’s separate from the FCB and it only has one switch…pretty hard to miss or hit the wrong switch. But I got tired of setting up yet another thing on every gig, so the solution I used on switch 4 and 5 both being Next State solved that.
Hope that helps… enjoy!