FCB1010 re-visited

HI! I have had an FCB1010 for some time, and initially had difficulties getting it to talk with Cantabile. I had managed to get the footswitches to give me next and previous songs and next and previous states, which was my main objective. But I couldn’t get Cantabile to recognise the expression pedals.

It turns out that the FCB1010 “calibration” process hadn’t worked, and I have not got to “talk”. I have used the pedals for Output Gain in two different vsts, and also to work with the Input Gain.

Is it possible to set e limit, or maximum level, as it is very easy to make the signal too loud, as most of the change in volume comes right at the end of the pedal travel?

Also the midi signal led on the input gain glows permanently, and then glows brighter on receipt of a midi signal. Is this normal?

Hi, I have 3 FCB units and the exp peds are recognized on all 3. If you haven’t already try finding the FCB 1010 PC Editor by Ed Dixon. That allows you to change the output of each pedal. you can also set the CC values sent by maximum up and maximum down, but I leave those at 0 and 127 and adjust output in Cantabile with filters. So double check that your exp peds are actually programmed in the FCB correctly, then do a binding/learn to see if Cantabile is getting the correct command.

To set max level use midi filters and Velocity/Controller curve. Personally, I put the FCB in it’s own rack and have different Rack States for various functions… for example a volume pedal function maxing volume at -6db would have it’s own state.

You’ll need to decide if you want this in the BG rack or in the song. If your pedal has different functions for different songs then of course you want Song. If global for all songs, then BG rack.

FWIW you can also make a binding from an FCB button to increase or decrease volume in increments, either at the song output or Master Output. I have 1 button to decrease 2db, another to increase. I run my monitoring of all my instruments through a separate output from PA, it’s only for monitoring and directly feeds my IEM, and it’s quite handy if a lead is too soft or the sound guy messes up your monitoring. One time the sound guy mistakenly dropped all the faders on my entire IEM mix, i ripped out an ear bud to hear the drums and tapped the button a few times to hear my guitar and finished the song.
I’m away from my rig but let me know if you want an image of that binding.

Love the FCB… yes it’s large, yes a bit heavy, but it’s a tank, never failed. Being in 2 bands I love how I can use bank for one band and another for a different one. Once I learned to use the midi filters I have the same button/pedal do different things on different songs, very flexible. And with the PC Editor you can save your settings and easily transfer them to another FCB unit. Works flawlessly.

Don’t know about the glowing light… I’ll have to check later but I think that’s normal.
Good luck!

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Thanks for that - much appreciated. I’ve had the FCB for some time now, but because of the initial problems have contented myself with just the basic next/previous song or state, which is what I bought it for. But I quickly became aware of just how much the thing can do. Time pressures mean that I didn’t have time to re-calibrate it until last week I am also relatively new to midi, having been out of music for 30 years because of RSI. So I have a lot to learn, but you have given me a load of ideas - thanks!

That screenshot may well be helpful, please.