FCB-1010 for Wavelore Pedal Steel

I just bought a demo FCB-1010 from Sweetwater ($15 off - done it before - the units always appear new). I also want to use it for guitar amp sims so all is not lost if the following isn’t possible:

  1. Assign 10 keyswitch notes to the 10 footswitches
  2. Assign Expression cc11 to one of the pedals (of course that will be possible)
  3. Assign pitchwheel to the other pedal as follows - pedal all the way up for pitchwheel 8192. Press all the way down to reach 16384

I’m curious if I should get the Eureka chip in any event.

You shouldn’t have any problems. All the posts I’ve seen about installing the Eureka chip were… yes. I’ve got no personal experience with it though.

Speaking of the Wavelore Pedal Steel, I noticed their website has disappeared as of late. I purchased the Pedal Steel vst recently and was anticipating the arrival of version 3 slated for release. Now, the website seems to have vanished.

Perhaps a victim of Covid? Lots of companies have shut down.

I also bought it recently and interacted with Mark Belbin who developed it. I’m involved with hosting a bunch of small company websites. There’s a lot that can and does go wrong. I’m going to email him to see if he needs help.