Father of MIDI Dave Smith RIP

Very sad news.

I have written the following over on Yamaha Musicians, so I won’t repeat it here


And tonight, I will be firing on my Sequential Prophet X in memoriam to the genius of Dave.


That’s sad

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Another hero sadly gone.
But what an amazing array of musical hardware he has left us.
RIP Dave.

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I did have a little time in my studio last night, and the Prophet X and Wavestate (remember Dave invented Vector Synthesis in the Prophet VS and helped developed the original Wave Sequencing concept) had an outing helped by a new Wavestate library I needed to try out, with the Prophet doing one of my favourite sounds and It was instant cosmic Vangelis (in memory of that giant as well).

I need a few rainy days now to get into the studio to develop that and record it!

BTW if your never read it, the following is a great book that traces Dave’s history at Sequential Circuits.

And this was Dave’s last interview with Gearspace at Superbooth only a few weeks back.