Fast forward and rewind in the mediaplayer

I would like to create a binding in my background rack that allows me rewind and fast-forward a track in the media player using my controller keyboard, but the ‘transport’ bindings only offer Play, Pause and Stop. Does this mean it’s not possible to create such a binding?

My band is using background tracks and during band practice we sometimes want to just repeat part of a song. I know I can just drag the slider backwards and forwards to select a specific song position, but it would be convenient to be able to use my controller instead. Also, when the media player is set to slave mode, selecting a specific song position is not possible.



This was one of the first things I missed when I started with cantabile.
Creating many named Ranges and using the bindings “Previous / Next Play Range” on “Media Player #1” is a possible workaround.

This issue is already addressed in the Trello backlog:

You could upvote there (so did I).

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